• Teaching About Writing

    My newest endeavor is teaching freshman writing at Michigan State University, and this explicit discourse about writing, making copy and inventing text has done wonderful things for my professional writing. Questions about writing force me to reflect on my processes in a way that I’ve not done before, and these processes are then solidified more concretely in my head. It’s been hard work, don’t get me wrong, but nothing but beneficial.

    On the client front, I’ve seen a shortfall in translation work, but writing work continues to present itself. As I am not teaching after May, I look forward to increasing my client load by about double.

    Be sure to email me for a chat about your copy needs: gwpublications@gmail.com.

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  1. Hi, Allena!

    I always marvel at what I learn from my students. They are often more up on things than I am, in spite of all the research and studying I do.

    Hope things go well for you. I am progressing…slowly…