• Lectures, Public Speaking and Teaching for the Freelance Writer

    It’s funny, I know many a freelance writer who has insisted that they got into this career because it suits their “isolationist” lifestyle. Yet, lately, I notice that I am rarely at my desk! I’ve been out and about in the world, lecturing, traveling and just plain interacting. Don’t get me wrong- I love the quiet times I spend writing at my desk. But freelance writing is about so much more than that.

    Knowing how to schmooze, how to speak in public, and how to self-promote are absolute necessities for the independent contractor. I cannot tell you how many clients I’ve got as a result of teaching or guest speaking. So yes, do enjoy the freelance lifestyle. Do work from home. Do write in the quiet of midday with the children gone :)- but DON’T get used to it.

    Need some help on public speaking and lecturing? Take a look at this advice from About.com’s small business expert.

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