Your Story; My Teaching

Teaching, guest speaking and curriculum production abilities:

  • Teaching experience (K-12, college freshman and adult learners)Communications in Lansing online and in the classroom
  • Familiarity with K-12 and post-secondary learning environment, research and practice
  • Production of lesson plans that connect with students at their level/interest
  • Simplification of complex text/ideas for specific, leveled audiences
  • Synthesis of multiple sources of information to create required text
  • Training in assessment, rubrics, curriculum, lessons, including specialized training for online schools
  • Understanding of Common Core standards and curriculum alignment
  • Use of Blooms taxonomy, Webb’s depth of knowledge, multiple intelligences systems and more
  • Able to match prose to Lexile, Fountas Pinnell, Gunning fog and/or Flesch-Kincaid using proprietary tools
  • Specialty training in assessment and rubrics for online schools
  • Training and experience in application of Common Core
  • Able to provide specialized lectures and training to adult learners in person or online

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