Teaching/Seminars/Coaching/Online Classes/Speaking Engagements

Allena presents to local and national conferences, classes and meetings, providing lectures, training and courses that are approachable, engaging and interesting. Call to schedule your date. Topics include writing, composition, blogging, web writing, editing, small business, social media, freelancing, home businesses, literature, creative writing, book reviewing, becoming a copywriter and more!


  • Michigan State University, Teaching Assistant, Writing 150 (Freshman Composition)
  • Lansing Community College, Adjunct Faculty
  • US Department of Education, Upward Bound, MSU, Instructor, Composition & Literature (10th, 11th, 12th grade)
  • Midwest Society for the Study of Literature seminar presentation: Nonfiction Essays
  • Writing at the Ledges, guest speaker, “Breaking Into Freelance Writing and Editing”
  • Boomers & Beyond Recharge, guest speaker, “Using Social Networking”
  • Entrepreneur Conference, guest speaker, “Social Media,” and “Forming Your Home Business LLC”

Available for local and national writing conferences or lectures! Book your date today (Allena@GardenWallPublications.com)

Potential topics:

  • Blogging for writers
  • Get started freelance writing in 3 steps
  • Your writing as a business
  • Writing for the web
  • How to make money reading
  • Intro to editing and proofreading for cash
  • Social media for writers