Editorial and Proofreading

Need perfect, polished prose? Your work deserves an expert. GardenWall Publications has provided editorial services worldwide and in Michigan for over 10 years, serving clients such as:

bostonHoughton Mifflin Harcourt (Boston, MA, USA): proofreading of online curriculum for Broward County, FL school portal.




riyadhAl Raheleh publishing (Riyadh, KSA): editing and proofreading of monthly English-language internal magazine serving a large hospital in Saudi Arabia.





brooklynThe Current Events (Brooklyn, NYC, USA): weekly proofreading of a children’s newspaper printed in Brooklyn and distributed to classrooms throughout the US.





genevaThe Geneva Times (Geneva, Switzerland): proofreading of monthly newspaper that focused on expatriate life in Geneva.





lansingMichigan State University (East Lansing, MI, USA): a former staff position included providing proofreading and publishing support for fellows, scientists, researchers and administrators.





The IJEHR, published by Taylor & Francis (Oxford, UK): supported the former Editor-in-Chief (based at Michigan State University) of this research journal published in the UK.



See a full PDF list of my editorial clients and credits here.

Editorial Skills & Abilities:

  • Focused eye for copy mistakes with ability to change mindset based on chosen style (CMS, AP, APA)
  • Dedicated shepherding of beginning drafts to ending polished product
  • Familiar with various states of production, can edit on hard copy, soft copy, PDF, Word, internal systems
  • Familiar with specialized publication steps, such as slugging of first pass, second pass cold read
  • Aiding publications to analyze, audit, evaluate and establish direction of content using goals and objectives
  • Manage editorial calendars, including calendars used across several teams/users/contractors/departments/mediums
  • Able to identify trending stories and high-interest arcs
  • Can simplify complex text/ideas for targeted readers
  • Employ a proactive, positive author/writer/editor relationship
  • Easily cooperate with all players in publications process from beginning to final print
  • Able to manage volume projects across multiple vendors/sub-contractors

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