Intercultural Support Projects

Translation is not the only way to open doors to multicultural, bicultural Hispanic publicationsor pancultural audiences. When GardenWall communicates with new and emerging audiences, those interactions are relationship-based and backed by a decade of expertise. We also specialize in aiding the community with their own communications needs. This means we deliver creative communications both to and for this community. Below is a listing of work and projects completed with or for Hispanic/Latino communities and audiences. 

By the way: did you know all translation work is done by NATIVE speakers? We wouldn’t have it any other way.

National-Level Intercultural Communications

Allena has been recognized as a national voice in the field, including articles published in binational print magazines such as Latino Leaders and Hispanic Executive, and through regular blogging at the Huffington Post. Work has been published and/or picked up by other outlets, such as the American Prosperity Consensus, About Immigration Issues  and Progress Michigan.

Published Highlights:

  • Sonia Sotomayor, Supreme Court Justice, Latino Leaders feature
  • Julián Castro, Mayor of San Antonio, 2012 DNC Keynoter, Latino Leaders “20 Under 40” series
  • Pam Muñoz Ryan, Author, winner of the Willa Cather Award for YA novels, WOW Webzine
  • Interviewees also include national Hispanic association presidents and board members, government leaders (elected Representatives and departmental leaders) and contributors to arts and literature. A complete list is available here. 

 Selected Translation Projects

  • Progress/Engage Michigan and Michigan United–ongoing contract for English-Spanish translation of media documents and interface with Spanish-language media
  • MI Protection and Advocacy Service–brochure project “Who We Are”
  • Joseph Mercy Health System–PowerPoint project “Great Cases in Dermatology”
  • Gale Cengage–multiple projects, medical and health related, including translation of dozens of essays for Gale’s Health and Wellness Resource Center
  • Gale Cengage–translation of portions of “Encyclopedia of Cuba”
  • Bill Smith Group–proofreading Spanish/bilingual leveled readers
  • SERO Project–translation of informational materials and brochures on HIV advocacy, including specialized medical terminology (partially pro bono)
  • Dia de La Mujer Conference–Michigan State University, pro bono proofreading/editing of Spanish language conference materials
  • La Familia Migrante/The Migrant Family (book)–translation of student activity, through One in a Billion Consulting/LaShawn Erby Sithole (pro bono)

Writing Experiences

  • Regular contributor to Huffington Post blog, Latino Leaders magazine, Hispanic Executive magazine and others
  • Statement/public speaking preparation for the Michigan Alliance of Latinos Moving Toward Advancement
  • Grant/social media writing as Commissioner at the Lansing Regional Sister Cities Commission (two years)
  • Advocates for Latino Student Advancement in Michigan Education, support in the development of invitation for dignitary involvement in annual conference (2014)

Editorial Work

  • Copy editing: “Latino History and Culture, An Encyclopedia”
  • Managing Editor: Adelante Forward magazine

 Local Community Interviewees (Lansing/MI)

Following are a few of the profiles and interviews completed with local leaders and the Lansing Latino community, through Adelante Forward magazine:

  • Kelly Dean, Owner and CEO, Dean Transportation
  • Juan Beltran, Organizer, Community Advocate
  • Susie Hernandez, Teacher, Bilingual Program, Lansing Schools
  • Sergio Keck, Director, Bilingual Program, Lansing Schools
  • Juan Marinez, Commissioner, Hispanic Latino Commission of MI
  • John Shinsky, Founder, Matamoros’ City of the Children and former MSU football player
  • Liliana Gutierrez, MSU student in the CAMP program
  • Mitch Tomlinson, CEO, Peckham Inc
  • Reynaldo Benavides Rendón, WWII Veteran

Community Involvement

The following are projects that were provided without charge, or partially without charge; a full list of volunteer work is here.

  • Cristo Rey Church Fiesta–Coordination of multi-level publicity campaign for a 5-figure annual fundraiser
  • Cristo Rey Catholic Church’s Comite Fe y Esperanza de Cristo Rey–Provision of publicity services for events
  • Lansing Regional Sister Cities Commission–Commissioner and Guadalajara sub-committee
  • Michigan Alliance of Latinos Moving Toward Advancement–Talking points development/speech regarding driver’s licenses for DACA-eligible immigrants
  • Dia de La Mujer Conference, Michigan State University–Support through pro bono proofreading/editing of Spanish language conference materials (2014)
  • Advocates for Latino Student Advancement in Michigan–Support in the development of invitation for dignitary involvement in annual conference (2014)
  • La Familia Migrante/The Migrant Family (book)–Translation of student activity, through One in a Billion Consulting/LaShawn Erby Sithole
  • Lansing for Cesar E. Chavez–Publicity and media relations for Chavez dinner and Tejano/Latino Music Festival
  • Latino Youth Conference, Grand Rapids Community College–Support in organization and chaperone of Waverly schools contingent to conference

Education & Training

  • Minor in Spanish, including coursework in Chicano literature at Michigan State University
  • Rhetoric Society of America: Workshop on Latino Rhetoric
  • Center for Story Based Strategy: Training on communications and innovation for social justice and nonprofit orgs sponsored by the United Workers Congress
  • Immigrant Learning Center: Workshop series on immigrant messaging and issue framing through the ILC Public Education Institute
  • 4Good: Multiple (dozens!) of trainings, webinars and lectures on all aspects of social justice communications
  • A full list of extensive service agency training is available at my Greater Good Work page

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