• Three Things I Learned Refreshing My Website

    hispanic communications michiganYes, I did finally finish my website.

    I guess I shouldn’t tell you that the process took two years, because inability to finish projects isn’t one of my characteristics (seriously, ask my husband, once I start something, I have horrible tunnel vision and other things will be left undone).

    No, this was more about the fact that when I scramble through all the customer journeys I’ve recorded, I found that I had a steady cadre of recurring, long-term clients who kept me busy and made it unnecessary for me to actively market.

    Still. Not a best practice for a writing business…True this. So, I buckled down and refreshed it this past week. VOILA.

    Here are three things I learned in the process:

    1. There is a growing call for the AP to use/require diacritics (symbols such as accent marks, etc) for words/names such as Chavez. You’ll notice I use diacritics, because I understand the interplay between language and identity. (Well, you’ll notice if you explore my website, which I definitely think you should do.)
    2. When you take on the occasional British client, you’ll inadvertently spell things very British-ly. So if you see any typos, go ahead and let me know.
    3. Refreshing your website is an exercise in bolstering your self-esteem. Because, damn have I done a lot in my ten years of writing and communications consulting. One of my favorite clips that I had entirely forgot existed is the issue of Hispanic Executive magazine wherein I had three stories, including the cover. Good times. Here’s the PDF, if you’re interested.

    So, yeah, feel free to poke around my little home here. I had fun building it.

    Oh, and PS- I am now accepting new clients and/or projects. Contact me here.

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