Your Story: New Audiences

To know another’s language and not his culture is a very good way to make a fluent fool of yourself (Winston Brembeck). 

GardenWall makes sure you don’t simply translate, but that you resonate.

Our intercultural communications support is:

  • Relationship-based (not concept-based).
  • Data-interpretive (not a slave to the latest “marketing to Hispanics” craze).
  • Bolstered by an added understanding of the community’s relationship to dominant/mainstream or majority-groups.

Why do you need help reaching out?

  • If you are insulated from these audiences, your outreach may feel inauthentic.
  • You may lack real-life information on key questions regarding your new customers, such as what is the “right” balance between respecting their source culture sustainability versus acknowledging their adaptive acculturation?
  • Because simple translation may lack tone, voice or even have incorrect meaning in context; GardenWall’s transcreation processes save you money and time.

How can GWP LLC help?

  • Support in understanding community traits and acknowledging unique perspectives.
  • Ensure that you don’t simply translate, but also resonate.
  • Help you to make connections, not just clients.
  • Use of the special trifecta in reaching the community on your behalf: personal strategies, community relationships and real data info.  

Why GardenWall?

GWP founder Allena Tapia benefited from an early introduction to the #LansingLatinos community at the hands of well-regarded leaders, teachers, publishers and organizers, in addition to a familial and social adoption over the last decade. 

Because of this tutelage, the GWP understanding of the community is fluid, dynamic and responsive–not rigid, nor based on grad school business concepts that don’t take into account the heart of the people. 

This unique positioning means that we always approach the community with a goal of service, and this respect for them is completely non-negotiable.

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