Biography and Team

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Tapia: feminine noun originating in Seville, Spain meaning “an adobe, patio or garden wall.”

GardenWall Publications was founded in 2006 by Allena Tapia  a freelance writer, editor, mother and perpetual student currently living in Grand Ledge, Michigan.

She was born and raised in Detroit before moving to the Lansing area when her mother became a Spartan. She eventually made her way to Michigan State University herself, majoring in English with cognate minors in Spanish and Education. She began her word-oriented career editing and writing full time for both Michigan State and the local community college before founding GWP LLC.

In addition to her husband and two kids, her current menagerie includes three cats, two dogs, two bunnies and a hundred-year old historic Queen Anne house close to the banks of the Grand River. Her future includes several MOOC courses, getting her children through college (MSU? UM?), owning a horse, visiting the Alhambra in Spain and someday retiring to México with her beloved husband.


The GardenWall team consists of professionals from around the world hand-picked by Allena for the needs of her clientele. All contractors have been with GWP for at least three years and are dedicated to the mission of providing boutique-level creative communications for organizations, companies and individuals in Michigan and beyond.

  • Accounting and finance: Esteban Tapia, Grand Ledge
  • Head translation: Carlos Velazquez, Guadalajara
  • Design and graphics support: Medallin Creative, Madrid and Kalamazoo
  • Spanish localization and proofreading: Collado Translations, Lansing
  • Dialectical translation: contractors in Havana, Miami, Laredo, Madrid and Buenos Aires
  • Virtual Assistant: Get Done VA, based in Bangalore, has provided us superior administrative support services for over 4 years

La Familia Tapia

Our Current Interns:

  • Head Paper Filer: Mari Tapia
  • Head of Checking the Math on Invoices: Benicio Tapia