• Network Security in home networks

    Network security is important for home networks as well as in the business world. In today’s complex world, security is an essential concern, even in the smallest of businesses. More generally, network security is a global industry issue with businesses relying on a wide range of technologies to provide security. Find out more about how network on demand can help your business scale as you experience business internet on-demand from one the world’s largest, fastest and best connected networks.

    In an attempt to bring order to a global security infrastructure, the CA offers a complete security solution that integrates IT, environment, user management, and application security, while also using other network services you can find in sites such as https://www.fortinet.com/solutions/enterprise-midsize-business/network-access.

    Whether a customer wants to protect their entire network with security policies and controls from a single location, or restrict access based on a pre-defined scope, the CA integrates this network security solution into their IT architecture.

    In this blog series, Cisco will share the latest information on Cisco’s network security solutions, including the Cisco Cloud Center.

    Following this series, Cisco will provide the following recommendations:

    Introduce new types of security devices

    Implement IETF-recommended design practices

    Enable both service level agreements (SLAs) and application level security (ALSP)

    Build business continuity plans that require sophisticated post-attack prevention strategies

    Deliver on IT department security capabilities

    Support and monitor customer security operations

    Other information

    This series will also be based on Cisco Cloud Center. For information about Cisco Cloud Center, visit www.cisco.com/cloudcenter. For information about Cisco Cloud Security, visit www.cisco.com/security.

    This blog series is available at http://blogs.cisco.com/security/category/blog/content/1098/network-security-3.html

    The information in this blog series is accurate as of Cisco ISG 16.3.0K2(r) released April 15, 2016. Customers are encouraged to seek more information online as well.

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