Your Story: Front & Center



Your words, campaigns, events and products lose value if they’re nothispanic digital media detroit positioned in front of the right audience. That’s where the right communications, marketing, media relations and publicity comes in.

GardenWall will provide:

  • Production of sophisticated messaging and content based on current trends, and optimization of content/campaigns based on engaging targeted audiences
  • Ability to adapt messaging in response to needs, such as those inherent in sensitive or complex issues
  • Media outreach ability demonstrated by successful pitching and established media relationships
  • Application of yearly, required SEO, keyword, metrics and Google algorithm training from IAC Corp
  • Help in establishing key performance indicators for digital, social media or other (combined) campaigns, including measurements/metric analysis of data from all platforms/sources
  • Support of your strategic content planning by helping in auditing, analysis and evaluation of practices and objectives for digital campaigns

Marketing and media credentials are here.

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