• Free Book Giveaway~!

    I have a brand spanking new copy of “How To Write Your Book…GUARANTEED!!” that will be sent free to the winner. To enter, leave a comment–tell me what’s keeping you from writing your book (I can probably commiserate).

    Free free free, I even pay shipping. You will have to give me a mailing address via email if you win. Winner will be determined FRIDAY. Who doesn’t like free books?

2 Responsesso far.

  1. David Failor says:

    Hi Allena! Not sure if it is too late to add a comment since no one else commented. My wife and I just started blogging and I recently published two books on computer security. The thing that keeps me from writing another book is finding a more reliable publisher. The first one took way too long to publish and then market my books. Also, I would like to do freelance writing and have tried some article websites but I’m afraid they won’t pay as promised so I’ve hesitated. I’d even like to try some freelance technical writing. Send us an email if you have time. David and Robin Failor.

  2. Ann Marie French says:

    I’m keeping me from writing my book. I feel like I need permission to spend time in such a “frivolous” manner. I can write all day when I know I’ll be paid for it but give me any free time to write a book and I think of a thousand other things that should be getting done instead.