• The Unpleasant Need to Set the Record Straight

    Well, I have my first unhappy contractor. It’s been 6 years of hiring writers and translators from all over the world, though, so I shouldn’t complain too much. And I won’t. I do, however, have to set the record straight.

    I owe one contractor $150. The due date was Monday. The contractor began dragging my name through the mud on early Wednesday. Other writers immediately began emailing me and letting me know. In addition, this contractor stalked my site at About.com, leaving trollish comments and filth that resulted in her being banned. The writer has sent me several emails that begin to arc toward abusive and inappropriate.

    This morning I finally got fed up and talked to the representation that the writer’s union provides (finally got some use out of my membership! Yes!). He has ascertained that (since the info she is spreading is false- she’s misinformed) it can count as slander if she continues to do so after learning of her misinformation. In addition, he told me that ICs are under the law of the Fair Debt Collection Act, and sent me a link to the FTC to prepare a fair debt collection complaint. (As a collector we are not allowed to engage in unfair collections acts such as publicly stating the debt, calling multiple times or outside of business hours, lying to others about the debt, etc). I hadn’t known this before. It’s news to me!

    He has also given me guidelines, including not remaining silent, which is also news to me, and the point of this blog post. Along those lines, I would hope any one considering accepting work from me would consider speaking to one of dozens of happy writers and translators that I’ve hired over the past year. Three days late does not make for flame fests, middle school Facebook behavior and threatening emails! I’m taking the high road, stating facts, and know that my contractors and clients will support me!

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