• Fitness and the Freelance Writer

    Not to complain, but, when your job performance depends on sitting on your bum for many, many hours at a time, it’s even more important that your off-hours are active, or you may be subject to unintentional spread.

    As with every Summer, I tend to become quite active and fit. I love being outside and I enjoy running. Since I live in Michigan, I tend to skip all this in the harsh Winters, but the Summer is all about me.

    I’m interested in hearing other freelance writers’ experiences with desk work. Does working at home offices and being our own bosses help to spare us from some of the inevitable desk spread? Or does it, perhaps, make it that much harder, without a set-in-stone “we’re turning off the lights now, ma’am” quitting time?

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  1. Tara says:

    My fitness regime (if I even have one) depends on how much work I have.

    During slower times, I tend to eat a little more, but I’m more physically active. I complete a ton of errands, do laundry, visit friends, etc.

    When deadlines are right around the corner, I’ll sit at my desk for hours without eating.

    Uhhhh, so I guess in some round-about way it all works out.


  2. Allena says:

    Lucky you Tara! I get really grouchy if I don’t do some kind of workout. I’m about to transition to 530am 5 days a week (!!!). Yes, I am scared.