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  • Subconcsious Niches?

    Posted on 2010/02/14 by Allena Tapia in For clients, For fellow writers, Freelance world, Jobs and opportunities.

    Ok, so my niche selection wasn’t subconscious, but neither did I set out to say “I’m only working in Latino interest and K-12 curriculum.” However, a glance at my resume and/or website will reflect that writing and editing work in Latino interest and K-12 education is exactly where I’ve been ending up lately. (And I […]

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  • Burn Out?

    Posted on 2010/02/02 by Allena Tapia in For fellow writers.

    I’m working on a personal project that is very near and dear to me, and it needs serious funding. Therefore, I have been working my booty off. This had led to a bit of burn out on my end. I’m pulling out all my discipline and chinning up to push through it. Writers- what do […]

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