• Clatter-Slide, Clatter-Slide, Slllliiiiiiiide, *SQUEAK*

    IMG_0284A lot of freelance writing moms talk about the perils of conducting interviews with children in the house. I have previously admitted to finishing up phone interviews hiding in the closet from Benicio (age 3 at the time). Thankfully, my freelance writing business has flourished since my children got to be old enough to spend full days in school.

    Today, that just left Jack.

    This is Jack. You’ll notice he’s on nice wood floors, with his favorite toy, a very squeaky Almond Joy bar. (also, that’s peanut butter, which is the only way I can get him to stay still for a picture). So, while I was conducting a phone interview today for Latino Leaders magazine, Jack decided that he wanted to run around the house with his fave toy.

    Do you know what it sounds like when an itty bitty dog runs around a house with wood floors? Well, my interview subject sure does!

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