• Please To Enjoy: The Five Fatal Finance Mistakes Writers Make

    If you are a writer, contractor, or freelancer of any sort (or simply want to be), you cannot afford to neglect the proper care of your finances. Please check out this article, just published at WOW- Women on Writing, and set yourself up for financial success.

    I do feel that one of the advantages I give “you” (writers, audiences, readers) is that I am open about the mistakes I made when I first muddled through setting up my LLC and freelance writing career. You may as well learn from them, and avoid making them yourself!


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  1. Hello,

    Got your “Undress for Success” post in my email while I’m sitting here writing for a client in my bathrobe! How funny. Just thought I would be original and create a comment on this post because your “contest” rules said to comment on “ANY” post. So here I am.

    Why do I want the book? Well, I’m relatively new to this whole moneymaking from home thing (my copywriting business has only been up and running for 10 months) but already I’ve seen the results of hard work and the potential for much more income. So right now, I’m just an information sponge absorbing any and all hints, tips, tricks that I can find. That’s the reason I started following you on Twitter (which led me to subscribe to your blog.) I know there are people out there who know more than me and I’m smart enough to hide my own pride and LEARN.

    Thanks for the opportunity to grab this great book and I hope I’m lucky enough to get picked by the impartial hubby.