• Chicago Manual of Style for SALE

    Hey all, I am selling my Chicago Manual of Style which is BRAND NEW and beautiful and used for only about a week. It was a “mistake” purchase. All you would-be novelists out there NEED this book. List price is $55, I bought it for $35 and I will give it to you for $30 AND I will pay shipping.

    Edited to Add: Please check the comments for a discussion on the Chicago Manual. I know this is a “Bible” for some writers, and I think my rejection of it may not be well-recieved:)

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  1. Michele says:

    A mistake? You mean you already have a copy, or you just don’t like it?

    Just curious…


  2. Allena says:

    I hate it, lol. Sorry, I am laughing cause we’re talking about it on Women on Writing’s Premium Green Google Group.

    Yes, I am so frustrated with it! This might mess up me selling it, but, I just find the online version so much easier. You can just plug in a search term and get your answer.

    This is somewhat funny to me, as I know that the CMS is a “bible” to many, many writers.

  3. Jennifer L says:

    Where were you three weeks ago when I needed one? 🙂 I ended up ordering a new copy through Amazon. I would have sworn I had a copy, but it apparently went AWOL. Oh well, it was an older version, and it didn’t hurt me to get a new one. Not that I use it that much; I and most of the people I’ve worked for prefer the AP stylebook…