• Budgeting as a Freelancer

    It’s starting to get a little redundant- every month we get toward my husband’s last pay- which comes in large amounts, but not often, and we wish that more of my freelancing bucks would roll in throughoutthe month (as opposed to at the end of  it). With his pay a week or two out, we cross our fingers and watch the GardenWall mailbox. And, almost every month we’re out of luck. My payments always seem to come in when we don’t need them- ie, right about the same time my husband’s check comes! So, we spend a month in the lean, and then, at the end of the month, everything comes in at once and we’re awash in income.

    I think this is possibly normal for freelancing. Do other freelancers/writers/WAH have this issue? Everyone does their bills at the same time!

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  2. Muhammad Saeed Akhter says:

    I have to go through the same ordeal, waiting for the money to roll in but it does not. I am working as freelance writer for certain agencies, most of the time I have to work on research papers, which you see is a demanding job but at the end of the day when I receive the dough not enough to bake one bread.

  3. Dan Reveal says:

    Me again. I’m getting closer..