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  • Well, At Least I’m Not Dissecting Cats

    Posted on 2008/08/29 by Allena Tapia in Personal stuff, Uncategorized.

    My mom briefly studied to be a nurse at Oakland Community College in the Detroit, MI area. During that short time, she had to take the  requisite biology classes. Years after the fact, I found out that she often had to do homework late (LATE) at night, including one time when she had to dissect […]

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  • Editing In Spanish/Interviews!

    Posted on 2008/08/27 by Allena Tapia in Personal stuff.

    I am the queen of typos. I mean, really, let’s be honest here. I have had readers at call me out for improper conjugations and concordance issues all year.  Editing is only my strongpoint when the words aren’t my own (in which case, then, you can expect excellence). But my own words are often […]

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  • A Must See Video

    Posted on 2008/08/24 by Allena Tapia in For clients, For fellow writers, Personal stuff, Scheduling.

    The partners at the Berry Brewer Freelance Agency posted an incredible video showing highlights of their first year. It’s at . GWP Update: I don’t know about your state, but Michigan’s law doesn’t allow school to begin until after the Labor Day Weekend. Originally I supported said law, mainly because my marriage anniversary is August […]

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