• Following are the goals I tweaked over the course of last week. Sorry about all the “xxxxx“- proprietary information!

    Business Goals:
    Gross 3500 month with part time hours
    Grow client base: add 5 repeat customers, keep current 10 repeats
    Join orgs: SPAWN, etc
    Accept one speaking engagement
    Foray into Podcast and Video
    Use volunteer match to take on short term writing volunteer opp
    Become LLC or LLP (currently sole proprietorship)
    Take blog off of blogger- move to something on my own .com
    Keep up blogs on Techno and Ping
    Learn Digg/Stumble
    Start package products: press releases
    Read: Copywriters Handbook by Bly
    Delineate work v. family time
    Keep up Adelante dbase
    Keep up my dbase
    Diversify into indexing- take class
    Cold call/get established with local ad agencies/graphic artists

    Writing Goals:
    Keep WritersUnbound– 1 year
    Finish memoir
    Finish novel
    Query 2 mags/month (24 total)
    Targeted pubs: xxx
    One story on xxx
    Follow up on xxx
    Interview: xxx
    Kids Book xxx
    Kids Book on xxx
    Kids Book on xx
    Article: xxx
    Article: xxx
    Article on xxx(Back to School issue)
    Article on xxx
    Article: xxx
    article xxx
    Sell post: xxx
    Expand editing by groups, forums, job listings, unions, searches, outsource sites, etc
    Blogging goal: get into XXX

    Press release About.com?
    Ezine articles
    Quarterly newsletter
    One targeted print or online ad
    Put up video
    Join alumni assoc & use their tools
    Use MerchantCircle tools
    Online networking: XXX
    Ask for credit on website- recco
    Do Google adwords from GoDaddy
    Find and advertise in 10 online directories
    Go to one local trade/business show (xxx)
    December- send out greeting cards
    Submit blog to 20 Links under bookmark “business info”
    Pin up cards on all boards
    Yellow pages/white pages
    Form a partnership with another freelancer (graphic designer, web designer)
    Listing at xxx.com literary marketplace
    Send THANK YOU to each project
    Add social bookmarking to all blog posts
    Put up ads in xxx.com and xxx.com and keep up
    Do a brochure/postcard
    Become an Expert at Yahoo Answers and ALLEXPERTS

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