• Issues and Vent

    Ok, GardenWall is growing!

    But while GardenWall is growing, I am attempting to get used to a new keyboard (not good for typists that usually type 120 words a minute!!), dealing with a new school year and schedule, and attempting to catch up from my grueling 17 days training with About.com. . .which started right about when I was almost caught up from out vacation in Mexico.

    Which brings me to some HAPPY news: I have been hired to serve as the freelance writing expert at about.com! About.com is a New York Times owned company, and the contract provides great pay and a lot of exposure in the writing world and among freelancers. It is a great honor!

    Now, if I can just catch up and take a breath, we could get on to the new season and the new opportunities!


    edited to add: This post is whiny! I am grateful for the success and the opportunities. I have several GREAT contracts, several GREAT clients and an incredible family that is supporting these growing pains. Let’s move on:

    Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity
    Louis Pasteur

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