• Fellow Freelancers: Check out “The Freelancer’s Bible” by Sara Horowitz

    Peeps, seriously. I review a lot of books. A lot. And in my seven years of freelancing, I’ve reviewed many of the same “how to freelance” or “how to freelance write”-type books (especially after I got hired in at About.com). The publishers seem to like to release a new one with a new spin each year.

    But, I’m about to write up a full review for “The Freelancer’s Bible” and I’m actually excited! Horowitz has managed to include all the necessary info, but her added perspective as Founder and Organizer of the Freelancers Union puts a unique and useful spin on the basics.

    I actually learned a couple new things. For example, did you know that the Freelancers Union offers us a 401K plan WITH THE OPTION FOR AUTOMATIC DEDUCTIONS!!? What a lifesaver. Seriously, I seem to be patently unable to save unless things are automatic. I was also inspired by Horowitz’s professional approach to client management. I think I tend to take my clients for granted at times.

    Watch for the full review at About.com soon, or grab your own copy today.


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