• Fellow Freelancers- You Realize This Is Christmas Work, Right?

    Today I was explaining to my cousin the various billing systems that my clients have, and I realized the work I’m doing/hustling for now is generally Christmas money. Yup, December:

    Day 1: Hustle for job (ok, this really means I’m applying to projects that fit my skills, or poking old/established clients for more work)

    Day 5: I get some interest, maybe an editing test or some questions about my qualifications

    Day 10-15: Deals are made, contracts are signed

    Day 15: Actual work starts

    Day 25: (Average, including edits/returns/invoicing), Work and invoice turned in to client

    Day 55: Get paid. Yup, that’s 30 days folks- many of my clients have 30 day billing cycles. Heck, most of my magazine clients have 60 day cycles. Gale Cengage tends to have anywhere from 45 days to 90 days!

    So, September 21 + 55 days= November 15.

    Christmas money.

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