• Freelance Writers, Demand Studios and Health Insurance

    I am blessed in that I have not had to worry about health insurance in becoming a freelancer. However, the subject still concerns me; freelancers should not have to toss this variable into the mix when they are trying to decide if this is their true career path.

    Has Demand Studios helped that? Demand Studios is a “content mill”– a site that provides low cost content by low cost writers, videographers, etc. They provide copy (content, words, articles) to places like Ehow and other large sites.

    Well, Demand studios has now began offering health insurance to its freelancers! Yes, I did say that with an exclamation point, as it’s something. However, their low pay and so/so editorial team continue to be a thorn in the side of many freelance writers. Let’s see how this plays out! Like I said, it’s certainly “something.”

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