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  • On Language Learning

    Posted on 2009/05/20 by Allena Tapia in For fellow writers, Word collecting.

    Recently I learned that one of the teachers at my childrens schools is multilingual, speaking English, Hindi and several dialects of Hindi. I continually struggle with my second language, Spanish, and, give great weight to anyone who can commuicate in more than one language fluently. I know that it can be difficult. Tonight my family […]

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  • How To Choose Freelance Writing Jobs

    Posted on 2009/05/07 by Allena Tapia in For fellow writers, Freelance world, Jobs and opportunities.

    It’s a great accomplishment to go from “how to get freelance writing jobs” to a place where you can consider turning jobs down, or choosing between several contracts. How one gets to that place is a post within itself (hint: tenacity plays a large part), but I am going to talk a little about choosing […]

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