• GardenWall Publications Update

    Good morning readers and clients. Here’s what’s going on here at GWP as far as end-of-the-year clean up.

    1) GWP rates will remain the same into the new year. I believe we’ve reached a sort of equilibrium and am quite happy with it.

    2) Outsourcing will be more selective. Speaking of equilibrium, I think I’ve got a good idea of how much I can take on without generating overflow and late deadlines. As usual, your project with GWP will never be outsourced without your knowledge and permission.

    3) Holidays: I will be away from the computer the 23rd through the 26th, but after that, operations will return to normal.

    4) Upcoming time off: Orlando in late March, Tucson in late April and NYC in early June. All trips have family and work components, so if you’re in those areas, I would love to meet with you! We will not be going to Mexico in Summer 2008, sad, but at least I won’t suffer internet withdrawal like last Summer.

    As usual, I thank you so much for your business and confidence, and can’t wait to see you in 2008!

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