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  • More Teaching Gigs

    Posted on 2011/06/26 by Allena Tapia in For clients, For fellow writers, Jobs and opportunities, Personal stuff, Scheduling.

    Anytime someone at asks me about the possibility of making a true living as a freelancer (ie paying their bills, having a roof over their head), I always counsel them to look into “side work” too. Side work gives freelancers the security of a paycheck that you know is going to come, on what […]

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  • Website Refresh!

    Posted on 2011/06/20 by Allena Tapia in Uncategorized.

    Well, my Masters program is done for a while, and my project list is cleaned out, invoiced, and in the waiting stages. This has left me with some much-needed free time to work on this website and blog, which has been in the middle of a redesign for too long. In addition, I’ve been able […]

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