• Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    I am currently managing (not writing, not editing, not translating) a massive English to Spanish project for a big name publisher, whom I first met through a writing gig. I told the editor I was working with (last spring) that GardenWall Publications also offered translation services, and asked if she could please pass on my (translation-specific) list of credits to the appropriate person at her company. She kindly did, and I heard nothing for 10 months…until…

    GWP was awarded a 23K translation project in February from this publisher. They recently added another component (another 11K). Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s not all profit, and it’s not meant to brag. But it certainly positions GWP in a wonderful place, and it’s all because I stepped out of my comfort zone in these ways:

    1) I asked, directly, for more work.
    2) I took on a project in which I’d need to lean heavily on ICs (some that I have not previously worked with).
    3) I removed myself from the hands-on position into a managerial position that makes me slightly uncomfortable- I like to lean on my own two typing hands!
    4) I’ve moved away from freelance writing and editing (my passions) for a month or two.

    “They” say (who is this “they”?) that successful entrepreneurs are risk-takers. Have you taken a few risks with your freelance career lately? Join me here on the cliff 🙂

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  1. I checked out your website, and you are one busy freelancer. Kudos to you for making your opportunities!!