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  • More On Interviews for Writers at!

    Posted on 2009/08/26 by Allena Tapia in For fellow writers.

    I’ve added some thoughts on interviewing for writers over at’s Freelance Writing…. Since my site is frequented by many new/beginning freelance writers, I’d like to invite you to share your interviewing tips in the comments!

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  • Writers/Journalists: Do interviews ever get easier?

    Posted on 2009/08/25 by Allena Tapia in For fellow writers.

    Yes, yes they do. I just realized that my interviewing prowess has gone to brazen levels…I’m grabbing CEOs by the Blackberries, whipping out my MP3 recorder and insisting on juicy tidbits…now. Ok, not really (so please don’t pass me up, dear potential-client). But, things are definitely smoother. Now that I’ve handled about a dozen in […]

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  • Top Ten Majors for Freelance Writers

    Posted on 2009/08/11 by Allena Tapia in For clients, For fellow writers, Freelance world.

    Over at the New York Times network, I’ve been discussing potential college majors with my audience–would-be freelance writers. Yes, I majored in English, and yes, I enjoyed the heck out of it. However, I thought I was going to teach, and, in all honesty, had I known this (freelance writing/copy writing) is the career […]

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