• Press Release: Is 2009 the Year of the 1099?

    Is 2009 the Year of the 1099?

    Expert Available to Speak or Write on “Gig Economy”


    Tina Brown at the Daily Beast dubbed it “the Gig Economy.” Suddenly, everyone is working piecemeal. Are part time jobs, consultancies and freelance projects the new norm?


    Lansing, MI February 9, 2008. Tina Brown, editor of The Daily Beast, certainly called it when she said that the U.S. is currently functioning as “a gig economy.” Later, in an interview on National Public Radio, Brown said that as much as 1/3 of employment in the U.S. is currently being done in a “freelance” capacity.


    ABC News columnist and freelance writer Michelle Goodman picked up the ball by targeting all those new freelance/consultants/gig-workers with her article “Ten Tips for the Accidental Freelancer.” They’re obviously on to something: 2009 is the Year of the 1099. Want to get in on this conversation?


    Lansing-based writer and editor Allena Tapia has been gigging for years, mainly as a freelance writer. She writes for a New York Times-owned online network, copyedits for a 40,000-circulation weekly newspaper based in Brooklyn, and teaches about freelancing, blogging and social media at Lansing Community College. She was recently profiled in a Detroit News article on blogging.


    Allena is available to write, speak or be interviewed on 2009: The Year of the 1099. Initial contact is invited through email (gwpublications@gmail.com) or phone (517-285-2081).


    Potential topics:

    ·        General introduction to the “Gig Economy.”

    ·        Toolbox for accidental freelancers (retirement, insurance, finding work).

    ·        Piecemeal work: nothing new for mothers.

    ·        Transitioning from full time to gig work.

    ·        Finding your niche in a gig economy.




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