• Are Your Kids Shafted in Favor of Your Work?

    This is a reprint of a comment I made over at Freelance Switch:

    This may not be a popular opinion, but it’s my opinion: I don’t think freelance writing should be looked at as a way to work with your kids underfoot. I think both your writing and your kids get the shaft that way. I think it should be looked at as a way to make a work schedule AROUND your kids, but NOT one that INVOLVES your kids constantly vying for attention with the computer.

    I guess some do it, and I guess they do it “successfully”- but who knows what “successfully” means? I think it’s subjective, and for me, successful means that my kids never say “you’re a computer zombie” and my clients never say “you never meet deadlines and why is there juice on my brochure?”

    I don’t think this is a popular opinion in WAHM circles, but it is a description of my own experience (keeping in mind that my freelancing occurred when I had children ages 2 and up- those darn toddlers!) I’m definitely not saying NEVER work when your kids are solely in your charge- I’m saying don’t do it as a regular occurrence.

    I guess I’m not saying that all freelance writers who work with kids DO this- – – I’m saying try not to do this, because I’ve been there, done that, and it doesn’t work well.

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  1. Mary Lewis says:

    I agree. One of the most difficult things about being a work-at-home parent is balancing work and home. I lost potential revenue this summer because my kids were home from school. What I gained is priceless. I watched my children learn during their 12 week freedom from structured education.

    I try to keep paper and pencil handy when the kids are with me, so that I can jot down ideas quickly. When I get back to work, I don’t have to worry about what I “just know” I’m forgetting.

  2. Allena says:

    I also enjoyed the summer. I downgraded and served clients that I was committed to, and I finished up paperwork such as LLC and etc, but in general, it was quite nice and relaxing.