• “Where Do I Know Her From?” OR: Allena’s Name Droppingest Post EVER

    Please note: the below is entirely tongue in cheek, and although I’m dropping names, I’m not reeaally dropping names :). I just realized how many people I knew (and missed) when I was without my Microsoft Outlook address book on my recent trip to NYC…

    Am I the only one who is constantly running into people online, and getting a wee bit overwhelmed by these “casual contacts”?

    Now, I’m not talking about people that I “speak” to on a daily basis. Daily people like The Berry Brewer ladies or my PG buddies (Angela, Annette, Heiddi, Marcia).

    And I’m not really talking about people whose websites/blogs/undertakings I respect, and that I kinda get to have a relationship with, but wish it was more (Lea, Erika, Hope).

    Moreso, I’m talking about very cccaaaasuuuaall contacts. Like, people who I respect immensely, but simply don’t have time to follow/read (James Chartrand), or Twitter people that I know to be excellent writers, incredible contributors, but I just haven’t got a chance to get to know their work like I want to (Thursday).

    I’m also lucky to “kinda know” people from my About.com work, which includes some of the very best contacts in the freelance writing world: (Lori, Rachel, Sue, Kristina the Writer Mama and Melissa). I also get to meet a lot of Editors/Publishers I respect through my work at About.com (such as Andie East at Seal Press).

    Or, there are people whom I adore, such as authors I’ve reviewed (Michelle G.), and there are people I know are excellent contacts to have, yet I just haven’t worked them enough! (Michelle T.)

    Then there are people whose names I KNOW I’ve seen somewhere, yet I simply cannot place sometimes. I’ll stumble upon a Misti or a Kristin and KNOW I’ve read something by her, or seen her in a forum or soemthing, and I’ll just have to assume it’s another freelance writer who frequents the same online circles I do.

    There are people who’ve done guest posts for me at various places (about.com, parenting diva) such as Sharon, and there are people for whom I’ve guested (Leo).

    There are people I’ve read, and liked, but have simply not had time to read any more of (Del).

    There are people who are waiting for me to review their “stuff” (Ed Gandia’s Stop Wishing) and Freelance Switch’s Rockstar) for About.com, and I furiously try to read themm before conking out at 1 a.m. after the rest of my work is done…And then, when I run into their name online, I duck and hide and promise myself that I Will Get To That Soon.

    Then, I add in the IRL (“in real life”) people I’ve interviewed for my regional, people I’ve worked with on advertising for my regional, people I’ve worked for, people I want to work for, volunteer supervisors, real supervisors, PTA moms,etc….

    (deep breath) Which is all to say, mostly, that I run into a lot of names, and my brain is on the decline, I am after all turning 3-1 (ssshh) in a couple weeks, and so, if I am supposed to recognize you, but limp a little, please forgive me! 

    Meanwhile, you’ll have to humor me my solution: making notes about you in my Outlook rolodex. 😉 

    I’ll never leave home without it….again. 

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  1. lornadoone says:

    Ooh, we got namedropped!

  2. Allena says:

    lol lorna. Thanks for visiting.

    PS- just in case it bothered you (or anyone else)I switched up my tone and cleaned up the grammar on this post- a lot more people followed the Twitter link than I anticipated, so I figured I’d better clean it up! Guess people like to see their name in “print”!