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  • The Nature of Writing as a Career

    Posted on 2008/03/24 by Allena Tapia in For fellow writers, Freelance world.

    My husband and I were recently talking about my business and I noted how well this writing life suits me. I have never been particularly social, having finished high school in a rural area. I mostly remember long lonely horseback rides, bike rides and walks in my pre- boyfriend days. Before that, I was the […]

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  • Happy Monday Update

    Posted on 2008/03/10 by Allena Tapia in Uncategorized.

    Good morning readers, writers and clients! Quick update: in order to better serve other clients, I’ve let go of two blogs: ParentingDiva and WritersUnbound. I wish them all the best! I’ve also trimmed my RSS feeds, got OFF some email lists and taken down my blog “30 Years to Save the World.” All these actions […]

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