Monthly Archives: February 2008

  • Little Victory

    Posted on 2008/02/28 by Allena Tapia in Uncategorized.

    I will have a verse published on It will be under a pen name, but those close to me, or who know a certain specific characteristic about me will be able to discern which it is. Fellow writers: I highly recommend CommonTies- they are professional, the rights are standard and they pay quickly. Update: […]

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  • Time Out

    Posted on 2008/02/12 by Allena Tapia in Uncategorized.

    Between snow days, sicknesses, and my recent trip, my work has been falling down around my ears. I am taking a brief time out to realign GardenWall’s priorities and finish up what I can.This means I will not be seeking new contracts for a bit, or taking on anything new. Thanks for understanding, and if […]

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  • Stuck in NYC~!

    Posted on 2008/02/08 by Allena Tapia in Uncategorized.

    My trip to NYC was productive and snag-free until I tried to come back home. Detroit got tons of snow (NYC was at 60 degrees!) and Detroit Metro Airport shut down for a while. Today’s Friday. I am home and furiously trying to catch up. I won’t be trolling for new accounts/clients/jobs until mid next […]

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