• Walking is Mind Clearing!

    This morning I went for a jog (which turned into a walk unfortunately, let’s not talk about that) and found it incredibly mind clearing and great for the creative juices. Try it (writers).

    There’s been much discussion in the writers/WAHMmers blogosphere about balance. Balance is an issue for many/most workers. I worked out of the house for others for years. Now that I’m working in my office, for myself (and my clients), it’s just a different kind of balance.

    Working Mother magazine likes to talk about breaking down the barriers of work and family by blurring the edges, dropping the boundaries. Much of the discussion in the blogosphere was along those same lines.

    It doesn’t work for me. I’m done multitasking, and I associate multitasking with blurring the boundaries. Not me, I’ve found compartmentalizing works best, and I strive for it. If it’s work time, it’s work time. If it’s family time, it’s family time- t he phone is unanswered if I don’t recognize the number. Boundaries are up… to a point.

    “To a point”….ahh, what does that mean? Well, last night I answered emails and surfed a bit while watching 28 Weeks Later (yuck, don’t watch it). Sometimes I volunteer in my kiddos classroom on a “work day” if my client load is ok.

    So, I guess I’m not as compartmentalizing as I like to think. But I do try. And it is an ideal that I aspire to. And I do not like multitasking!

    This is a picture of my new office, which I blogged about on my 451 Press channel, Writers Unbound. I sit behind the next under the big Simone Silva picture. The desk on the left is my husbands. The treadmill is there, ready for a little walking/ thinking. Not pictured is the TV area, with our diplomas and awards hung above it (to the right).
    The best part of my office? It has a door.

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