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  • So…I was just hiding in my closet…

    Posted on 2007/08/29 by Allena Tapia in Uncategorized.

    I absolutely had to call a client out in LA today. I didn’t have a choice. I try to keep my phone calls on Tues and Thurs, which are GardenWall’s main workdays, as my 4 year old and 7 year old are in childcare those days this summer. However, I had to make sure I […]

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  • I’ve discovered gold….

    Posted on 2007/08/09 by Allena Tapia in Uncategorized.

    Well, maybe I’ve just discovered a GREAT blog for us writers: another here:

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  • This Writer Makes $5000/month freelancing!

    Posted on 2007/08/08 by Allena Tapia in Uncategorized. Now, I’m not sure how long he’s been doing it, but it looks like, from his comments, that he doesn’t have any magic formula or secret website. He’s using the same sites and competing for the same gigs as the rest of us (GAF, Journalism jobs, etc). I do wonder how many hours he […]

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