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  • What kind of projects do you like?

    Posted on 2007/06/27 by Allena Tapia in Uncategorized.

    Do you generally lean toward work/projects that are longer and pay more, or would you rather take several smaller jobs with smaller pay?

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  • Where do you write? How do you swing it?

    Posted on 2007/06/26 by Allena Tapia in Uncategorized.

    Today husband and I decided that if I am going to get my two huge projects done before we go on vacation, then I’ll need to ge tthe heck outta the house. Despite having a near perfect home office set up, with high speed, two desks, three computers, blah, blah, there is also the little […]

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  • "Daily" Feature:

    Posted on 2007/06/25 by Allena Tapia in Uncategorized.

    Writing High: Not getting a complete flogging from a client when I admitted I messed up due datesWriting Low: Talking with Husband about some of the issues I’ve had lately- 12 hour days, too many simultaneous projects, distractionsMoney Out: None today#Jobs Considered: About 25#Jobs Applied For: 2#Jobs Received: 0#Jobs Lost: 0What I worked on today: […]

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